Exploding Block Tutorial

I first read about how to make this block in a book but I then came across this video, Exploding Block,  by Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. It’s fast and fun, however I use a different cutting technique that is easier for me so I thought I’d share.  Watch the video first, then you’ll understand the difference.

In the video to begin the block you sew two squares right sides facing, stitching all around the outer edges. After drawing diagonal lines on one of the squares you then pinch it up and cut it with scissors to fold it out for your first “exploding” layer.

Here’s my technique:  BEFORE I sew my first two squares together,  I mark the square that will be cut on it’s back side, drawing a line 1/4″ from the edges and then two diagonal lines from each corner, like below:

Tut 04

Using a rotary cutter and ruler, I cut on my diagonal lines starting and stopping a “scissor snip” length from the corners (about one inch), like so:

Tut 05

Then, I sew my two squares right sides together all around the edges.  Doing it this way requires only one short snip to be made before folding out the edges.   Less chance to accidentally cut through the front square or cut wonky, longer lines.

Tut 07Tut 08

Tut 09

For every additional “layer” I add, I cut this same way first, before sewing it face down to my other pieces and folding out.  If you decide to make blocks using the “exploding” technique I hope my cutting tip helps you out!

Exploding Pineapple Quilt Block


85 thoughts on “Exploding Block Tutorial

  1. Monica Moser

    Thanks for this pattern. I’d linke to share a Photo of a Blues & white Quilt I have sewn with it – it came out georgious!!!!


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