I really appreciate a good tutorial!  As I learn new things and change them up or discover a new technique by accident, (which can happen through my mistakes or experiments) I will add them to this page.

I will try my best to make my tutorials as clear as possible.  Please post comments with any questions or suggestions for improvement to make the tutorials as helpful as possible.

Alaskan Garden Quilt

Alaskan Garden Top

Exploding Block – different cutting technique

Exploding Pineapple Quilt Block

Deck of Cards Block – Quilt Version 1

Sew Step 14

Deck of Cards Block – Quilt Version 2


Accidental Quilt Block

Block Design 1

Christmas Mug Rug

Christmas Mug Rug

Christmas Mug Rug

Me and My Shadow


LaMoyne Star and Mini Pinwheel

Paisley Quilt Done

3-D Blocks Using the Y-Not Technique


What Would Happen If…Drunkards Path Variation

DP Quilt Top

Kite Shape – Another “What Would Happen If” Experiment

Kite Shape 13

Accidental Quilt Block – Variation 2015

Block Pieces-9

Fast Scrappy Four-Patch Baby Quilt

Tutorial 2nd Version End-1

Rising Star Variation

Rising Star Block

Squares and Diamonds Quilt


22 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Maria Bautista

    Buenas tardes me alegro mucho por tantas cosas tan lindas que hay en esa página muy lindo pero hace falta muchas telas gracias por ese talento feliz día gracias

  2. Tammy Daily

    Would like tutorial on the square in a square. And any other quilting ideas and technics . I’m a beginner,wanting to do so much.most of my quilt tops look good.but don’t quilt right after I get them on the Quilt frame.dont know if I’m not getting them right,or maybe getting them too tight on the Quilt frame? Any suggestions?

    1. denmck Post author

      Thank you Mary Anne. I love to learn and I appreciate when people share their knowledge. I hope the little bit I’m doing is helping others learn or tap into their creativity as well.

    1. denmck Post author

      Agreed! I recently saw that tutorial too and asked them about any issues with copyrights on a video tutorial. They indicated no problem so thanks for the link. I think I’ll make it more prominent as well!

  3. Katrina

    This is a simple square in a square block and is a public domain pattern. Do a search and see just how many patterns are out there for free. I have seen this block somewhere under a different name. If the name of the block belongs to the original quilter then use your own name for the block. Use different colors – go dark where it is light, leave off the border. I would love to see the simple way. If you still have questions try taking it to your local quilt shop for advice. Good luck!

    1. denmck Post author

      I appreciate your thoughts Katrina, but I guess it is her “technique” that is copyrighted. Although if you do a Google search for the block name there are several videos out there that show the technique. I guess she approved those at some point in time.


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