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Progress on Laurel Burch Quilt

As usual, when I don’t really have a full plan but get the urge to start another quilt, time marches on while I’m staring at blocks on my design wall.  I finally made a little progress with my square in square (AKA Economy Block) quilt using my Laurel Burch fabric.  This might not look like much progress, but here’s what I’ve done so far:

Laurel Burch Quilt1

I think I’m going to add another pieced border all around then another solid or small print around that before staring at it again.  I just have to decide what kind of pieced pattern I want to use.  At this point it measures 31″ x 31″ square.  I haven’t decided how big I really want to go with this.

I apologize to my daughter in Alaska for whom I have a quilt top all finished, but I’ve neglected to try to complete the whole quilt because I’m distracted with this project.  Maybe while I’m in my staring mode I should just finish that other quilt!

Hopefully more to come on this one sooner rather than later.  Suggestions are welcome!