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A Walk Down Memory Lane with My “Old” New Home Sewing Machine

As mentioned in a previous post, I promised my daughter Erika that during my next visit I would bring her a new quilt. As hard as I tried I could not get it done before it was time to leave. With only the binding left to complete I loaded my suitcase with the quilt and required fabric and planned to finish it at her house.

Erika inherited my “maker” genes and loved to craft things as a child and young adult. So when she got married and moved away I gave her my sewing machine, a New Home My Excel 23L. That machine was my reliable workhorse and was the first “good” sewing machine I bought when I began to seriously sew when my children were young. After they were grown the New Home started gathering dust, so I wanted Erika to have it.

It brought back such great memories as I took it apart, dusted everything out, loaded up my thread and started sewing my binding. I forgot what a great straight stitch that baby could make! Still going strong after at least 15 years; probably more.

15+ year old New Home sewing machine

15+ year old New Home sewing machine

Erika and her cat Sally, loved the quilt. 🙂

Sally on Quilt