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Accidental Quilt Block Variation – REDO 2015

I have received some requests to write out a step-by-step tutorial for the variation of the block I made in my posting titled Re-thinking My Accidental Quilt Block from January 19, 2014. Because I just showed various pictures, folks trying to make the block became confused. Then I discovered there was an unintended quirk in the way the quilt was turning out based on some cutting instructions! So I deleted that post and wrote this new variation that works out the way I originally intended!  So if you read the original post and wondered why you couldn’t find it – it’s gone!

I feel this new variation is way easier to make, so I’m posting a tutorial on how to make that one instead. I think everyone will be happy that I did, LOL.

Pictured below is a new sample block and two potential layouts that could be used for a quilt. You may notice the colors changed in the quilt layout samples because I didn’t realize I was low on the fabric I used for the block sample. 🙂  To cut my pieces I used 2 ½” wide strips from a Jelly Roll which resulted in a block that equaled 6 ½” square.Block Pieces-9

Block Pieces-10

Block Pieces-11

Click on this link to get to the tutorial, or just click on my Tutorials link at the top of the page. Look for the Accidental Quilt Block Variation – 2015.

Progress on Laurel Burch Quilt

As usual, when I don’t really have a full plan but get the urge to start another quilt, time marches on while I’m staring at blocks on my design wall.  I finally made a little progress with my square in square (AKA Economy Block) quilt using my Laurel Burch fabric.  This might not look like much progress, but here’s what I’ve done so far:

Laurel Burch Quilt1

I think I’m going to add another pieced border all around then another solid or small print around that before staring at it again.  I just have to decide what kind of pieced pattern I want to use.  At this point it measures 31″ x 31″ square.  I haven’t decided how big I really want to go with this.

I apologize to my daughter in Alaska for whom I have a quilt top all finished, but I’ve neglected to try to complete the whole quilt because I’m distracted with this project.  Maybe while I’m in my staring mode I should just finish that other quilt!

Hopefully more to come on this one sooner rather than later.  Suggestions are welcome!

Easy Christmas Mug Rug

Mug Tut Yellow

It’s cold and nasty in the mid-west today so I stayed inside and played in my sewing room. I came up with this mug rug project.  Click on my tutorials link to see how I put this fast and easy project together.

Mug Tut25

A Walk Down Memory Lane with My “Old” New Home Sewing Machine

As mentioned in a previous post, I promised my daughter Erika that during my next visit I would bring her a new quilt. As hard as I tried I could not get it done before it was time to leave. With only the binding left to complete I loaded my suitcase with the quilt and required fabric and planned to finish it at her house.

Erika inherited my “maker” genes and loved to craft things as a child and young adult. So when she got married and moved away I gave her my sewing machine, a New Home My Excel 23L. That machine was my reliable workhorse and was the first “good” sewing machine I bought when I began to seriously sew when my children were young. After they were grown the New Home started gathering dust, so I wanted Erika to have it.

It brought back such great memories as I took it apart, dusted everything out, loaded up my thread and started sewing my binding. I forgot what a great straight stitch that baby could make! Still going strong after at least 15 years; probably more.

15+ year old New Home sewing machine

15+ year old New Home sewing machine

Erika and her cat Sally, loved the quilt. 🙂

Sally on Quilt

Update to Retro Springtime

Well spring and summer have come and (almost) gone.  After finally getting my daughter married off and things settling down at work I headed back to my sewing room!  The result was completing the quilt top for Retro Springtime.  Here it is (click on it to enlarge):

Retro Springtime Quilt Top

Pardon the poor lighting.  The colors are a bit more vibrant!  As you can see I finished it off by outlining the body in the 2.5″ white solid strips, then alternated yellow floral and red floral 2.5″ strips as the border.   Had I not totally stopped working on this it would have been something that could be finished rather quickly.  Instead, it sadly sat on my design wall while I ignored it for other things.  Well, the other “things” I’m quite happy got successfully completed:

Annas Dressed 07.27.1334ACake

This quilt has always been intended for daughter # 2 (the matron of honor) who was gifted with a small lap quilt last Christmas and has been asking for a bigger one.  I’ll be visiting her in October so I’ll finish this up over the next week or so and finally, personally deliver it!

I have an idea that’s brewing for the newlyweds as well and will post that soon.

Hope everyone has had a great spring and summer!

Quilt in Progress – Retro Springtime

Long time no posts!  I let life get in the way of updating my blog and I apologize to anyone following.  Changes at work, planning a wedding for my daughter, no quilting time, etc., etc….

So I finally picked up where I left off on this fun quilt project.  It is not done but it will be soon (hopefully).  I call this Retro Springtime.  It all began with a jelly roll of 1930’s print reproductions, 1933 Chloe’s Closet by Moda, and a solid white Bella jelly roll.  I decided to design something similar to a stacked coin quilt.  Here was my thought process:

I picked out four strips from the Moda jelly roll that I thought complemented each other but also contrasted in value (darks and lights), then sewed them together along each long side with a 1/4″ seam.  Then I sub-cut each 4 strip set into 5 – 2.5″ wide sections (the “blocks” are 2.5″ wide by 8.5″ long) and 5 – 6″ inch wide sections ( the “blocks” are 6″ wide by 8.5″ long).  This leaves you with very little waste.

Retro Springtime 4 Strips Reto Springtime Cutting Sections

I continued to match up and sew together sets of 4 strips (ended up with a total of 10 – 4 strip sets) and sub-cut each set into “blocks” as above.  Now the fun begins!

I then picked out 8 different 6″ wide blocks that I thought would look good together and began sewing them end to end, with a 1/4″ seam, to form one long strip.  I did the same with the 2.5″ wide blocks.

Reto Springtime Strips

I continued to mix and match then sew together, end to end, sets of 8 – 6″ blocks, and 8 – 2.5″ blocks until I had 6 long strips 6″ wide x 64″ long, and 4 long strips 2.5″ wide x 64″ long.  The plan was to sew one white solid 2.5″ strip between each of the print strips (using a 1/4″ seam).  So now I just had to put each strip on my design wall and decide what king of striped pattern was pleasing to me. (I had some left-over 2.5″ blocks that I’ll probably use on the back).

I ended up with this arrangement:

Retro Springtime Design

As you can see I don’t have all of the white strips sewn in yet, but this is going to be what I call a structured, scrappy look :).  It was a fairly quick process to get it all together.  I just tried to make sure I did not sew things together in a manner that had the exact same prints next to each other.   I haven’t decided what kind of border to put around it yet, but I’ll be sure to post more when this is complete.

I’ll try not to stay away so long!  Thanks for reading.

I have a love/hate relationship with Half Square Triangle blocks

Check out my Projects and Lessons Learned to read about what I’ve learned when using half square triangles in a quilt.

Paisly Star2

Tutorial: Kaffe Fusion Blanket – Sewing Daisies

Tutorial: Kaffe Fusion Blanket – Sewing Daisies.

I came across this wonderful idea and tutorial that combines two things I love, fabric and crochet!  I’m going to consider quilting some fabric squares and using this crochet technique to joint them.  I’ll post a picture of how that turns out.



How Did One Idea Turn Into Two Quilts?

This is what I love about quilting!  Ideas on design can take you down so many paths.  Visit my Projects and Lessons Learned page for the making of two totally different quilts from one idea that went in opposite directions.  Have you ever started a quilt with one idea then totally changed it?

Disappearing Nine Patch

Disappearing Nine Patch

Batik Boxes
Batik Boxes

Lessons Learned Making My First Quilt

Visit my Projects and Lessons Learned tab to read about my adventures in learning when I made my first quilt for my new grandson Jack.  What got you started quilting?


First Quilt
First Quilt