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Update to Retro Springtime

Well spring and summer have come and (almost) gone.  After finally getting my daughter married off and things settling down at work I headed back to my sewing room!  The result was completing the quilt top for Retro Springtime.  Here it is (click on it to enlarge):

Retro Springtime Quilt Top

Pardon the poor lighting.  The colors are a bit more vibrant!  As you can see I finished it off by outlining the body in the 2.5″ white solid strips, then alternated yellow floral and red floral 2.5″ strips as the border.   Had I not totally stopped working on this it would have been something that could be finished rather quickly.  Instead, it sadly sat on my design wall while I ignored it for other things.  Well, the other “things” I’m quite happy got successfully completed:

Annas Dressed 07.27.1334ACake

This quilt has always been intended for daughter # 2 (the matron of honor) who was gifted with a small lap quilt last Christmas and has been asking for a bigger one.  I’ll be visiting her in October so I’ll finish this up over the next week or so and finally, personally deliver it!

I have an idea that’s brewing for the newlyweds as well and will post that soon.

Hope everyone has had a great spring and summer!