Projects and Lessons Learned

I look at each quilt I make as a learning experience!  Because I have sewn things in the past it was so easy for me to make assumptions about how I should approach quilting that I made many stupid mistakes.  I’ll also use the excuse that I had not made anything for at least 10 years (that makes me feel better).  I will gladly “fess-up” to my mistakes as I post my different projects.

I also discovered that depending on the quilt block layout and the way a specific pattern is written, each designer may have different techniques for what they consider the easiest or best way to sew the blocks together.  However the suggested way did not always work well for me (read = I got confused) and I had to change it up at times.  I will share that information as well.

Watch for updates as I continue to add my completed projects to this page.  Click on the quilt pictures below to read what I learned as I made them.

First Quilt

First Quilt

Disappearing Nine Patch

Disappearing Nine Patch

Half Square Triangles
Half Square Triangles


2 thoughts on “Projects and Lessons Learned

  1. Paula Prevost

    Just read your post and my heart goes out to you. Looking at your dates, I believe your life has changed significantly. I lost an uncle to ALS and wanted to just send you some positive vibes.

  2. Copper Buttons

    Thank you for sharing what you learned as you’ve progressed in your quilting. I’ve learned quilt a lot and have shared your site with my quilting beginner friends.


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