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2017 – A Tough Year

Those that follow my blog know that I’ve not added new postings this year.  That is due to the amount of time, effort and energy it takes to be a caregiver to my husband who was diagnosed with ALS.

For those that are not that familiar with ALS, there is no sugar-coating it, it is a horrible, incurable, fatal disease.  It is not known why or how people get it, and there is no treatment.  Although there has recently been a new drug made available that is supposed to slow the progression somewhat, it is not a cure.  But it may be helpful to those diagnosed early enough, to allow them a better quality of life a little bit longer.  So that’s hopeful.

This past year has been a whirlwind of activity as we found we needed to move to a smaller, single floor home, close to work, so that I can easily get back and forth to meet his current care needs.  That meant packing up my sewing room and storing away my quilting supplies and fabric, for now.

Luckily I have two creative passions, quilting and photography.  When I do get a couple of hours to myself I’ve found getting out of the house with my camera has been very fulfilling; but quilting has taken a back seat.   I plan to leave my blog up but wanted to let people know that I’m not sure when I will be quilting again and I may not have time to respond to posts.  Please don’t take it personal if you write and do not get a quick, if any, response.  Know that I still hope you enjoy what’s been posted and I plan to get back to quilting some time in the future.


Calla Lilly 1


My Other Passion

As you may tell from how the frequency of my posts and tutorials have declined, my other long-time passion has taken over a bit.  I got the opportunity to visit Alaska in June of this year and in the process of being excited about taking pictures of that beautiful state, my somewhat dormant passion for photography resurfaced (click on the photo to see it larger).

Reflections on Otter Lake-1

So I joined a local photography club to help pull me out of the house and give me inspiration.  I also decided I would start putting a portfolio together and offer photos for sale.  Right now my interests are very diverse, but I think I will soon land on subject matter and/or techniques that will become my personal style.  I will definitely be seeking out opportunities to add photos of quilts I discover whether at a quilt show, antique malls, flea markets, wherever, to my blog.  I also plan on doing a series of photographs on “hand-made” items to add to my portfolio.

The photos below are of some antique quilts I recently came across while wandering through an antique mall.Antique Quilt-1

3 Quilts-1

So if you have an interest in looking at what I have on my photography website, just click on the link I’ve added to the sidebar of this blog.  If you would like to purchase something on that site I have made a special 20% off discount coupon code on the price of a print for my followers to use.  Just join the e-mail list on my photography website and I’ll send you a coupon.  This is not applied to any frames, etc. if chosen.  Just the print itself.

When you click on one of the images on the site it will show you the different options for printing and the prices.  Thanks in advance, even if you just visit to take a look!  I’ll be adding a lot of new photos in the coming weeks.

Right now I’m in the process of writing a tutorial on how to make a quick, fun, scrappy four patch baby quilt (which of course can be used for any size quilt by adding more four patches).  Look for that to be posted within the next two weeks.











About This Blog

I began learning how to quilt in July, 2011.  As part of that process I turned to the internet for research and inspiration.  I came across tons of blogs and websites that inspired and encouraged me to keep at it.  As with most anything, the best teacher is experience; learning by doing it!  I’ve learned many things while making quilts following the advice and techniques of others. At times adapting them to suit me as needed.  As time went on I wished I had documented my progress so that others might learn from my experiences as I have learned from all of the great resources out there.

With that – I started this blog.  I plan to take the projects I’ve completed, post what I have learned from each of them, and share links to any resources I used in their making.  Once I’ve caught my projects up I’ll keep going because I’m still learning!

Please check out my other pages too, as I update them with patterns I design and tutorials.