Geometry Lesson II – NOW the top is done

Something was missing…now it’s not. 🙂  I decided I needed some kind of border so here’s the result.  I didn’t measure the placement of the black squares in the red border strips; just eye-balled what I thought I liked.  I wasn’t trying to line things up in a particular manner, but somehow they do look more planned than I imagined they would.  I’m happy with it!

Improv Blocks II Top Done

4 thoughts on “Geometry Lesson II – NOW the top is done

      1. Melanie McNeil

        I was in Chicago for a few days and was in a building with spectacular tile work. Some of the floors were bordered with a Greek key motif, which I’ve always loved. And I’ve long thought I should be using that now and then as a border. Yours is like the stripped down version of that, and so well suits your work. Again, WOW.

        1. denmck Post author

          I really like the Greek key pattern as well, and detailed tile work. I wasn’t thinking of that when I did this but I definitely see what you’re saying. 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

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