Final Update on my Improv Quilt

The quilting is done!  What a fun time I had making this quilt since I was trying new things. 🙂

Improv Quilt Done

The improv piecing itself was new, and I used a 30 weight variegated thread for my straight line quilting.  I normally don’t use thread that stands out on my quilts, so this made me very nervous, LOL. I did some areas with spiraling triangles and rectangles, so that was something new as well.

Varigated Threads Closeup

I didn’t mark anything on the quilt prior to stitching, however I did use painters tape to lay out a starter line in some of the areas, then either stitched right along the side of the tape or put the side of my machine foot along the tape.

I did make a pretty major mistake which I managed to work through.  Normally I have a number of blocks in my quilts and stitch in the ditch around them to stabilize everything as part of the quilt design.  Since I had a lot of white space and a limited number of blocks in this quilt, I did very little ditch quilting and started to realize that as I took pins out to do some of the long lines of stitching, my top was starting to slide around.  I had to start re-pinning the top in certain areas to try to stop it!  I still ended up having a few areas that got a little bunched up before it dawned on me what was happening. I’m going to really have to think about my pinning pattern for future quilts with a lot of space between the blocks!  Any tips are welcome!

Oh, and here’s the back.  Not sure I’m happy I stuck that white strip in the middle, but I can live with it.  I didn’t have enough of the batik print to make a whole back, but I kind of wish I had put other colors back there.  Oh well!

Improv Quilt Back

So this one’s done and the next one is in my head already!  I’ll see how long it takes me to get that going.

4 thoughts on “Final Update on my Improv Quilt

    1. denmck Post author

      Thanks! I really enjoyed this project and feel I learned some things that have me itching to get started on another project. Maybe today….I can always clean the house next weekend!

  1. ayearofwishing

    Lovely work and colours and placement

    What about if you did a light coffee wash over the white stripe at the back – NOT too much so it soaks to the front …J. But all round lovely you must be so pleased

    Margherita Allan

    Textile and mixed media Explorer, Teacher and Artist

    Ngaruawahia, New Zealand

    Ph: 07) 824 7638



    Co-ordinator: Cutting Edge Textiles – fabric and mixed media art and craft group

    1. denmck Post author

      Thank you Margherita. I like that you describe yourself as an “explorer”. That is one of the things I truly enjoy about my quilting journey. I’m definitely exploring and learning and trying to figure out where quilting will take me. I appreciate your comment and suggestion.


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