Improv Update

As is my usual habit, I stick my finished tops on my design wall and stare at them for a while when contemplating how I’m going to quilt them.  As I stared at my improv quilt, which I’m officially naming Geometry Lesson I, I decided to add another border.

Improv Quilt Top

So now, instead of color on just the right side and bottom, I added strips to the top and left side.  I thought the first way looked “interesting”, but the more I stared at it the more I felt something was missing.   Now I’ll call it done.

4 thoughts on “Improv Update

    1. denmck Post author

      I love shapes too; and repetitive patterns, although this was a departure from a planned pattern. So much fun to make. I’ve already got another version/idea in my head, LOL. But first I’ve promised myself to quilt this one before starting another. Too many unfinished tops starting to pile up on my shelves!


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