Me and My Shadow

I’ve always liked the many pictures I’ve seen of quilts that look somewhat 3-D.  Quilts that have boxes with shadows is one type of 3-D quilt that I discovered is fast and easy to make.  After admiring (and staring at) the many pictures available on the web, I dove in and designed one for myself.  Here is the result:


I chose to use batik fabrics for the blocks and shadows, then used solid white sashing.  The quilt shop I typically use has a huge selection of batiks and they always have a ton of fat quarters cut from them.  So I grabbed several fat quarters and cut my squares from them.  I saved four “shadowed” blocks to incorporate into the back somehow, but haven’t settled on that design yet.  I also haven’t decided what I’m going to do about a border because I have multiple ideas I’m toying with.  I may even leave it without a border and just bind it for a very simple, modern look.

More postings to come as I sort out what my final project will look like.

Watch for a posting in my tutorial section for how I made this shadowed box top.

2 thoughts on “Me and My Shadow

    1. denmck Post author

      Thanks! I really enjoyed picking out the colors for this and I was glad to find the batiks suited it well. Especially the “shadow” fabric.


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