Nine Patch Magic

I think Nine Patch Magic is what I need to call my “accidental” quilt block.  After posting my Accidental Quilt Block tutorial I had a lot of interest from people sharing the post.  One person, Pauline (not sure if she wanted me to post her full name), did some really fun experimenting with the design.  She incorporated all of the cut sections together and came up with several designs.  Here are some of my favorites. For each of these you can see one block, then what happens after she put several together:

Stained Glass Look

Nine Patch Magic Blue

I really like how she demonstrated that using just two colors for this block turned out a really interesting result as well.

So of course now I need to actually make a quilt and not just a block!  So that’s on my to-do list to start this weekend.  But…I also have another technique I want to try so we’ll see which gets accomplished first, LOL.

Again, I would love to see what anyone else comes up with when playing with this technique.  Folks who would like to send me pictures can e-mail them to   It is such a pleasure to see others creations!

Great job Pauline!


1 thought on “Nine Patch Magic

  1. ayearofwishing

    wow these are neat – I love how the computer saves us sewing so much haha. And we can play with all the variations. I’m also impressed that just 2 colours makes such a strong pattern. Off to make 2 colour patches now haha. thanks for sharing


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