Deck of Cards Quilt Design

Since I began quilting I have come up with tons of ideas for quilts but struggled with a way to put them on paper in a manner that I enjoyed.  I have some kind of mental block about using grid paper and colored pencils, maybe because I’m math challenged, and maybe because I like to try various settings and don’t like drawing things over and over.  But I like computers so I have been trying to learn how to use EQ7, a computer software program for designing quilts.

One of the great features of EQ7 is that you can take actual fabrics and scan them into the software to use in your quilt designs.  I find this a very cool way to experiment without cutting up your fabric!  If you don’t want to use this feature (or don’t have a scanner) there is a library of fabrics built into the software.  This still gives you the ability to play with color and patterns to get a feel for what might work together.

Here are two quilts I designed using fabric from a line called A Stitch In Color, by Malka Dubrawsky for Moda, plus a dotted fabric by Dear Stella with some solids mixed in.  The block construction is the same but the settings are different.  I use a Deck of Cards block pattern for these quilts.

I have not tried to make either of the quilts yet, but if you would like to give them a try I am writing a tutorial for the blocks and the settings which you’ll find in my Tutorial link soon.  Please send me a picture if you make one!

Click on the pictures to enlarge.  I used the same fabric for both of these and do not plan to have borders, just binding, a new look that I’m seeing and enjoy with the right blocks.

Version 1

Version 1

Version 2

Version 2

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