One year later – my finished Jelly Roll Race quilt

I have been on vacation and planned to finish at least ONE of the three unfinished quilts I have piled on a shelf. That is sometimes the problem I have when designing my own quilts; finishing them! I get an idea, buy fabric, then when working on the quilt change things up, run out of fabric because of the changes, or just run into a brick wall on what to do next.

I like to call my design process “organic” because it tends to grow and evolve as I work. Sometimes I know exactly what blocks I’m going to piece but have no idea how I’m going to quilt my project. Other times I want to try making something with a certain color combination and block construction but don’t really have an end result mapped out. But that’s okay; I get to play!

One year ago this month I came across a You Tube video on a quilt that many guilds liked to make for fun. During a meeting or workshop the members would have a race to see who could put this quilt together the fastest. I thought I would try it with some random Jelly Roll strips I had left over from other projects. Here is a link to a fun tutorial by Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Here is the finished quilt I made. I can’t believe this sat around for a whole year!

Jelly Roll Race Finished Strips

Jelly Roll Race Finished Strips

Jelly Roll Race Front

Jelly Roll Race Front

Jelly Roll Back

Jelly Roll Back

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