About This Blog

I began learning how to quilt in July, 2011.  As part of that process I turned to the internet for research and inspiration.  I came across tons of blogs and websites that inspired and encouraged me to keep at it.  As with most anything, the best teacher is experience; learning by doing it!  I’ve learned many things while making quilts following the advice and techniques of others. At times adapting them to suit me as needed.  As time went on I wished I had documented my progress so that others might learn from my experiences as I have learned from all of the great resources out there.

With that – I started this blog.  I plan to take the projects I’ve completed, post what I have learned from each of them, and share links to any resources I used in their making.  Once I’ve caught my projects up I’ll keep going because I’m still learning!

Please check out my other pages too, as I update them with patterns I design and tutorials.

Comments Welcome

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